SmartSpiro - Spirometry module for ECG systems by the Dr. Gerhard Schmidt GmbH


Bring your spirometry and ECG up to date with the SmartSpiro supplementary module.
Our bundle offer saves you money and offers a completely comprehensive service from one source - one installation, one introduction and one contact.

SmartSpiro builds on high-quality measurement technology by Vitalograph, the leading provider of cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices designed for general and occupational medicine. This ensures precise measurement results, simple operation and minimal follow-up costs.

Thanks to the GDT interface, spirometers, just like ECG systems, can be integrated directly into your EDP software. Motivating animations during test realization help you improve collaboration by patients. The software includes the new GLI spirometry reference values.

SmartSpiro - the cost-efficient spirometry supplemant for your ECG system

  • purchase SmartSpiro with an ECG system by the Dr. Gerhard Schmidt GmbH and take advantage of the attractive bundle price tag
  • precise measurement technology with minimal follow-up costs and higher quality sanitation compared to competing measurement technology
  • self-explanatory, simple to use software with integrated GDT interface
  • relevant GLI reference values
  • includes on-site installation and training

Compatible with all common practice EDP systems, such as:

  • Albis
  • DOCcomfort/concept
  • SAmAs
  • Ixx.comfort/concept/isnet
  • Medisoft

Product illustrations

Precise measurement method with minimal follow-up costs.
Self-explanatory, simple to use software with integrated GDT interface.
Robust and durable pneumotachograph measuring head.

Product Highlights


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