SmartReha Net

SmartReha Net

Rehab - And what then?

During your rehabilitation stay, you and medical professionals specifically work towards your recovery. You are under medical supervision around the clock and regularly receive feedback regarding your health status from your cardiologist.
But what about the time after rehab?
It is easy to relapse into one’s old habits and jeopardize the hard-earned progress of one’s state of health

Training at home!

Heart-Force offers you the possibility to receive adequate medical care in the period following your stay in the rehabilitation clinic by continuing training at home.
A bicycle ergometer like the one you are already acquainted with from rehab training and a UMTS-capable netbook computer are made available for you to use within your own four walls. Your training can proceed as normal, with the sole exception that any data is securely transmitted directly to your cardiologist over the internet, who can then assess them on the same day.
It is no longer necessary to visit a clinic in person to have your fitness status checked. Your cardiologist can simply compile an individual endurance test for you, which you can then perform at home. Subsequently, your cardiologist will be able define new personalized training parameters to be used in future sessions on the basis of your results.

We value your opinion!

Training can be live monitored by medical professionals and you can even contact your supervisor through live video and audio feed, so you can communicate your personal perception to them immediately and in person.

In addition, you will regularly receive questionnaires, through which you can inform us about your personal experience with Heart-Force. This will allows to continually improve Heart-Force to better accommodate your needs.

The motivation

About 274.000 people in Germany suffer heart attacks each year. Of those, 174.000 are fatal, making cardiovascular diseases the number one cause of death nationally and globally. As a consequence, 35 Million Euros are spent annually by the health care system to cover the costs of treatment, while patient suffer from prolonged hospitalization.

The goals

Heart attack patients should receive higher quality follow-up care by being intensively monitored in their familiar environment, instead of enduring lengthy hospital stays. Our cardiologic rehab-system SmartReha offers an all-in system tailored optimally to your requirements with up to 16 training devices for your rehabilitation needs. Following their stay at your clinic, patients are provided with a bicycle ergometer like the one they are already familiar with from rehab training and a UMTS-capable netbook computer. Their training can proceed as normal, with the exception that any data is securely transmitted directly to you over the internet.

This way, we can offer you the opportunity to document the results of different training strategies in a comprehensive database. Focused online live monitoring during training sessions guarantees the safety for your patients at their homes.
Thanks to and its centrally organized diagnostics, even structurally weak regions can be covered optimally.

Product Highlights


The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g, remains nearly unnoticable for patients.


SmartScript is a future-oriented PC-ECG system that unites extensive long-term experience in the production of cardiological measurement technology with wishes and requests made by physicians.

SmartScript Acute

Emergency ECG for smartphones as a basic package including software, tripod electrode and a carrying case.

SmartConnect Blue

SmartConnect Blue substitutes an RS232 cable for a Bluetooth connection, making an RS232 device bluetoothcapable and enabling it to translate various ergometer and treadmill protocols in the process.