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SmartHolter24 Web

SmartHolter24 Web is a web-based communications platform designed for referring physicians and interpreters of long-term ECGs. Thanks to SmartHolter24 Web, no elaborate and costly postal shipping is required. Simply use your existing DSL connection to securely send data over the internet.

All this makes SmartHolter24 the fastest, most convenient and efficient way to form interpreter associations. SmartHolter24 Web presents an effective entry point into digital communication between physician and interpreter, saving time for both parties of the arrangement and ensuring that both analyses and diagnostic findings are available at short notice.

Referring physician profile

  • Reliable data transmission: data carriers do no longer get lost, since only a copy of any given file is transferred.
  • Secure data transmission: data is safely encrypted when it is dispatched and can't be accessed when intercepted by third parties.
  • Quicker from data to results: In urgent cases, the data transmission and retransfer of the assessment protocol can even take place in just a single day.
  • Utilize memory cards more effectively: Following the upload of the ECG data, you can immediately reuse the memory card for the next patient.
  • Save your time: You save the way to the post office, since you can simply transfer ECG data to your interpreter and receive assessment protocols from your office PC.
  • Minimal costs: With an existing internet connection, no further costs incur and you save yourself any previous postal charges.

Interpreter profile

  • Save time and costs when reading in: any long-term ECG data sent to you for assessment is downloaded and read in automatically. You will be informed of incoming assessment requests by an automated notification email.
  • Simple workflow: the long-term ECG lister keeps you informed in detail about the status of received ECG data and displays the desired examination at the click of a button. The patient records which are automatically imported with a long-term ECG can be assigned an ID of your practice EDP system.
  • Save time and costs when transmitting findings: after assessment, you can prompt the system to provide the referring physician with a PDF file of the findings via the internet, which is also available to your EDP system. The whole work process is completely paperless.
  • Rapid feedback to referring physicians: In urgent cases, the transmission can take place in a single day

Product Highlights


The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g, remains nearly unnoticable for patients.


SmartScript is a future-oriented PC-ECG system that unites extensive long-term experience in the production of cardiological measurement technology with wishes and requests made by physicians.

SmartScript Acute

Emergency ECG for smartphones as a basic package including software, tripod electrode and a carrying case.

SmartConnect Blue

SmartConnect Blue substitutes an RS232 cable for a Bluetooth connection, making an RS232 device bluetoothcapable and enabling it to translate various ergometer and treadmill protocols in the process.