SmartHolter24 Kobold

SmartHolter24 Kobold

The newest innovation concerning long-term ECGs

The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g (including battery), remains nearly unnoticable for patients. The Kobold comes with an ECG amplifier of the latest generation. Besides the high signal quality and efficient integrated algorithms for artifact suppression the Kobold features a very low power consumption rate. This allowed us to minimize the capacity of the built-in battery, reducing both weight and charging rate. The battery can be charged in less than an hour *1) via the combined patient cable/USB charging connection. The ECG data is stored on an SD memory card.

Operation of the Kobold is exceptionally simple: the device is started by plugging in the patient cable, inserting the memory card starts the recording process. Two LEDs provide information on the status of operation

The Kobold can be applied in two ways

  • with a three-core patient cable
  • with a two-core patient cable and the snap fastener on the backside of the device (the Kobold can be attached directly onto the third ECG electrode)

Technical data

  • storage on SD memory card
  • up to 3 days of continous recording *1
  • no battery change required thanks to built-in rechargeable battery (< 60 min.) *1)
  • patient cable with two or three connections
  • 3-lead ECG
  • weight (including battery): 48g
  • matchbook-sized (dimensions: 55 x 45 x 17 mm³)
  • can be attached with electrode

*1) Above figures are representative of new batteries and memory cards. Charging time and duration of use may vary depending on the memory card used as well as age and condition of the battery.

Product illustrations

SmartHolter24 Kobold
SmartHolter24 Kobold including high-grade carrying case.
SmartHolter24 Kobold
The SmartHolter24 is only matchbook-sized.

Product Highlights


The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g, remains nearly unnoticable for patients.


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