SmartBike / SmartBike 420


Our SmartBike and SmartBike 420 bicycle ergometers provide ergometry on the basis of state-of-the-art technology - remote controlled by our well-tried and proven ECG/rehab software or as stand-alone units. Modern design and rigid construction ensure safe and intuitive use. Benefit now from a concept that forms a unified whole: SmartBike and SmartBike 420 with integrated blood pressure measurement as well as optional Bluetooth interface and 1000W drive unit.


  • high load accuracy
  • remotely controllable by ECG, PC-ECG, ergospirometry systems via RS-232 or Bluetooth (optional)
  • sturdy steel/aluminium construction
  • 1 to 400W (optionally up to 1000W)
  • pleasent pedalling feeling, virtually no noise even at high speeds
  • elegant, stain repellant casing


  • tiltable display
  • simple height-adjustment

SmartBike 420

  • distincitve, modern design
  • precise and interference-resistent blood pressure measurement
  • includes standard blood pressure cuff

Product illustrations

SmartBike 420
SmartBike 420
SmartBike 420
SmartBike 420 with blood pressure cuff

Product Highlights


The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g, remains nearly unnoticable for patients.


SmartScript is a future-oriented PC-ECG system that unites extensive long-term experience in the production of cardiological measurement technology with wishes and requests made by physicians.

SmartScript Acute

Emergency ECG for smartphones as a basic package including software, tripod electrode and a carrying case.

SmartConnect Blue

SmartConnect Blue substitutes an RS232 cable for a Bluetooth connection, making an RS232 device bluetoothcapable and enabling it to translate various ergometer and treadmill protocols in the process.