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SmartScript Mobile

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ECG diagnostics to keep pace with the times

In this day and age every second counts and almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet PC. Wouldn't it be be great if you could just pull it out and be able to record an ECG on the spot?

The Dr. Gerhard Schmidt GmbH is able provide this very possibility with the new SmartScriptmobile system.
The app on your Android mobile device is available at any time and is ready to record in a matter of seconds without the hassle of time-consumingly booting up a PC or laptop.

Afterwards, you can evaluate the ECG data and have it be sent to your practice EDP system – even from underway. There it is added to the electronic patient file and can from then on be interpreted and printed with the SmartView assessment program.

Thanks to the intuitive operation, SmartScriptmobile does not require a lengthy introduction and can be used immediately.

After the successes of the PC-ECG at the end of the 1990s and the wirless ECG data transmission via Bluetooth in 2005, the Dr. Gerhard Schmidt GmbH is once again aiming to lead the way in utilizing the latest technology for medical application with SmartScriptmobile.

What is SmartScriptmobile

SmartScriptmobile is a fully-fledged ECG device, consisting of an application for Android phones and tablets, a bluetooth ECG module and the corresponding PC software. SmartScript gives your ECG system mobility. ECGs can be recorded independently of fixed hardware anywhere within or outside the medical practice. Existing ECG systems can be supplemented or replaced.

The scope of delivery for SmartScriptmobile includes the assessment program SmartView for PC and the corresponding network-compatible database. Evalutation and printing can therefore take place on your computer.

SmartScriptmobile is fully compatible with SmartScript PC-ECG system made by the Dr. Gerhard Schmidt GmbH. Any ECG recordings share the same central database and are available to your EDP system through the network. The synchronization with SmartScript takes place manually or automatically. Already aquired SmartScript licenses (e.g. measurement or assessment) will be available for SmartScriptmobile recordings as well.

SmartScriptmobile supports task lists, which can be generated from the PC database or directly from the practice EDP system.

The Android app

In combination with our proven Bluetooth ECG module SmartScriptBT SmartScriptmobile allows for fast and easy recording of a complete 12-lead ECG.

Existing patient profiles can be selected or new ones created. The option to record an emergency ECG at any time is also provided. Rotating the smartphone or tablet displays either a 12-lead or 2x6-lead ECG. The filter settings (35 Hz, 50 Hz, antidrift, low-pass) can be turned on and off at the click of a button/tap of a finger as well.

Registered recordings are fully compatible with our popular SmartScript PC-ECG software since version 1.11.004. Upon transmission, they are stored in the existing database and can from then on be accessed by your EDP system and the connected PCs.

System requirements for Android devices
Required Android version: 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher
Prozessor: 1,6GHz

100% compatibility is guaranteed with the following devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10" 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10" 
  • Google Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F
  • Lenovo TAB 3 A7 Essential (TB3 -710F)

Please note that we do not recommend running the app on devices with a heavily modified Android version as compatibility issues can occur.

Typical applications

“SmartScriptmobile gives me the freedom I need as a doctor”
An ECG device utilizing cutting-edge technology without being limited to any given place – while still providing you with first-class diagnostic quality. ECG anywhere, anytime!

"Record ECGs in any room in your practice...!"
The ECG recording room is occupied? Not a problem:
Simply record the ECG in another room. The results are automatically made available to your practice EDP system.

"Wireless, reliable ECG diagnostic on home visits"
Import your patient list to SmartScriptmobile and record ECGs at patients' homes. Back at the practice the ECG data is synchronized with your EDP system automatically. Optionally also directly after recording via internet.

"Wherever you are – ECG anywhere, anytime..."
In remote locations, during patient transport or in case of emergency – SmartScriptmobile allows you to view and record ECGs whenever and wherever you need to!

SmartWatch mobile

SmartWatch has been available for some time in conjunction with the PC-ECG SmartScript. With SmartWatch it is possible to display an ongoing ECG currently being recorded on a computer in the network on a workstation. SmartWatch consists of an SW server and an SW client. Both programs are also available for Android and can realize the following applications:

The SmartWatch client app allows you to view an ECG signal that is being recorded on a PC on your tablet or smartphone, for example to monitor an ongoing ergometry from a different room. Prerequisite for this is that the relevant license for the SmartWatch server module has been aquired.

Once the SmartWatch server function for SmartScriptmobile has been activated, the ECG signal can be displayed on a PC in the network or an additional tablet or smartphone. Thus, the physician can follow an ECG being recorded in another room by an assistant with SmartScriptmobile live in in his office or consulting room.

Please note: SmartWatch for SmartScriptmobile requires WLAN (not Bluetooth) connection to function.

Product illustrations

SmartScript Mobile
SmartScript mobile gives me the freedom I need as a doctor
SmartScript Mobile
Record ECGs in any room in your practice...!
SmartScript Mobile
Wherever you are – ECG anywhere, anytime...

Product Highlights


The Kobold is a matchbook-sized 2-lead long-term ECG recorder that, with a total weight of only 48g, remains nearly unnoticable for patients.


SmartScript is a future-oriented PC-ECG system that unites extensive long-term experience in the production of cardiological measurement technology with wishes and requests made by physicians.

SmartScript Acute

Emergency ECG for smartphones as a basic package including software, tripod electrode and a carrying case.

SmartConnect Blue

SmartConnect Blue substitutes an RS232 cable for a Bluetooth connection, making an RS232 device bluetoothcapable and enabling it to translate various ergometer and treadmill protocols in the process.